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Why I Chose Life Coaching

My Story

I'm a mom wife and grandmother. Married to a wonderful guy for 32 years. I have 3 sons and one daughter. Also 3 granddaughters. I excepted Jesus as my lord and Savior as a young adult. My heart is to help other women become who God called them to be . We have so many lonely women in the community. My heart is to create a place for women to come to the table so we can connect, create friendships and trust each other to share our burdens. 

As a young mom I needed other women to talk to as I went through the struggle of raising my children. And understanding my husband in many areas of our relationship. 

Women need Women. That's why I created Women Warrior Program


OUR Mission

Our WomenWarrior program is committed to empowering women through faith and strength. We invite all women to come to the table and create a space for each other to grow and thrive. Our program is Christian-based and provides unique challenges that will help women to develop their resilience and courage. Our mission is to nurture the power of sisterhood and to equip women with the skills to face the challenges of life with strength and grace. We hope to inspire a community of women warriors who are ready to take on the world.

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